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Product description: Sports bluetooth headset
Name: Large capacity sports bluetooth headset
Model: XO-BS30 
Color: black 
Bluetooth solution version: Bluetooth V5.3 solution Jerry 7006
Speaker unit: 2 speakers with a diameter of 10mm and 16 ohms
Built-in battery: 400mAh + protection board
Standby time: Standby time when connected to a mobile phone about 4 days
Music time: 50 hours (80% volume)
Talk time: 50 hours (80% volume)
Charging input standard: Micro USB,DC5V/1A
Charging time: about 2 hours
Main functions: super long standby time, with card insertion function, you can listen to music without a mobile phone 
1. With magnetic suction, in-ear type Earphone head, wear firmly 
2.IOS power display
3. English voice reminder 
4. Ultra-high capacity battery
5. Neck-mounted sports stereo 
6. Imitation silicone neckline, comfortable to wear
Main material: TPE, ABS
Accessories: Micro Charging Cable 1PCS, Large Earcaps: 1PCS, Small Earcaps: 1PCS
Weight: 43±1g
Product size: 200mm*130mm*17mm

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