Packing & Distribution Management

At ODM, customer satisfaction is one of our key KPI. ODM doing very best from A-Z which ranging from sourcing, products evaluation, production planning, quality assurance and etc. to ensure customer satisfaction are met. To perfectly round up the entire supply chain KPI, the last stop which is “Packing & Distribution” is something we cannot forgo.
With 20 over years of experience in the industry and with the support from our existing logistic strategic partners, we will do our very best to ensure goods delivery is fall within the customer expected timeframe. To make this happen, we will ensure the logistic planning is within our control; monitor closely of international shipment and local distribution planning with speed.

Every step in the value chain is vital and all of them have different requirements in terms of transport and logistics. One of the most crucial, but often being overlooked by others, is “Packing”. Packing no longer just refers to a simple cardboard box; nowadays it is complex, being protected, and its shows being valued. At ODM, we will ensure our products are being protected and landed safely at customer doorstep.
In today’s “New Normal Lifestyle” and with promotion of digitalization from government to private sectors, e-commerce / e-trade / e-shopping are something we cannot omit. With the extensive growth of e-business, courier services are being crucial to our new normal lifestyles. Whenever you receive the parcels from courier service, do you feel concern about the packaging? Do you think that your products are well-protected inside the box? In order to sort this out, ODM will perform in-house 6 faces “drop test” to the product packaging to ensure products are well-protected in the box before mass distribution. Because at ODM, “Customer Satisfaction”, We Care!!

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