Factory Selection & Audition

Customers expect top-quality products and manufacturers need to assure they are being produced to the best standards. A trusted technique in checking whether a manufacturing process is under control is to conduct a manufacturing evaluation. Manufacturing evaluation is a comprehensive inspection of the process to ensure it is performing correctly in a certified environment.

Evaluation takes places on-site and includes inspection or examination to ensure compliance to the standards. Evaluation inspection process can be applied to an entire organization, to the manufacturing process or may zoom to any specific production step. A manufacturing evaluation should be conducted to assure that the good procedures are adequately applied, to identify process downtime so they can be rectified quickly, to ensure the consistency of the process and practices, to demonstrate a proactive approach for improvement, and to encourage ongoing corrective actions.
What is Factory Evaluation?
A factory evaluation is a standard process to equip the quality managers to determine if the vendor conforms with the required business standards while delivering high-quality products and services. Performing regular factory evaluation involves evaluating the vendor’s quality management system (QMS), their organization, the production processes and ensuring compliance with safety measurements in the correct atmospheres.

Factory evaluation need to evaluate productivity: a reliable supplier should deliver products on time and meets the quality standards. They should examine all production process flows, track how much time was spent to produce the finished products and assess the efficiency of the machines and manufacturing equipment used. At the same time, to evaluate the total capacity of the factory as well to ensure on time delivery.

They also need to evaluate the quality control measurement to ensure that work quality is set to a reasonable acceptance standard and to evaluate others monitoring procedure like in-process audit for continuous improvement. Regulatory compliance is also necessary when conducting a factory audit/evaluation as business requirements and certifications often extend to suppliers too. Non-compliance vendor could lead your business and customer to risk situation.
ODM Factory Evaluation Checklist
The key criteria for factory and supplier audits & evaluation are facilities, policies, procedures and records, all of which should verify and determine the factory’s capabilities to consistently deliver the quality products over the time.
Our major checkpoints of standard factory audits/evaluation include:
  • Manufacturer’s background
  • Manpower
  • Production capability and flexibility
  • Machineries, facilities and equipment
  • Manufacturing process and number production lines
  • In-house quality systems such as testing, in-process inspection and final inspection
  • Management system and capability
  • Environment
What ODM can do for you?
As mentioned, venturing into a new market supply chain can be a headache and difficult process. With existence of ODM, we may help to simplify this process and solve your problems. Over the years, indeed we have extended our supply chain not only limit to China but to other alternative regional supply chain such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India and etc. With this move, we managed to build the network of over 500+ factories regionally which ranging from different products specialist to cater our customer’s need.

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