Idea & Sourcing

In today’s competitive business climate, supply chain management professionals are constantly seeking out creative ways to looking for latest products, reduce costs, assure and improve the quality of the final product and achieve a faster time to market. Strategic sourcing is one of the key parts of overall procurement management that can help achieve these supply chain goals.
To achieve and facilitate the supply chain goals above, our sourcing and marketing team will be constantly visiting numerous International Trade Shows every year arounds the World. For Sourcing specialist, trade shows are the perfect market place to explore and evaluate the latest ideas and products launch in the market. There are so many vendors in the trade shows, people always asking one common question i.e. “Who is the best vendor?” With our extensive sourcing experiences, with no doubt as one of the added value services to our client, ODM may able to identifying the best experienced “certified” vendors in the products which they specialist in.
What ODM can do for you?
Every year we visit these trade shows with so many insights to learn from, and on most occasions – we also participate in them. With our extensive experiences, we are ready to hear from you and to share, to brainstorming and turn your brand to be more outstanding and unique. What you need to do is just tell us your story and expectation and we shall fill in the next page for you...

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