Product & Packaging Design

Everything starts from sketching. Sketching is an important step in the product design process. This is as known as drafting stage. Sketching allows our designers to be more flexible in creating a blueprint of the final product. When drafting, we recommend our clients to have options for multiple sketches in order to simulate different outcomes of the product. This allows our clients to have better visualization of the outcome and made the right decision. Every great product is a great sketch!
The Process
Conducting research about your company. Involves understanding the core business & services. Identify the target audience as well as the objectives.
Brainstorming Session
Design team join forces to initiate ideas. Drafts multiple initial ideas to be narrowed down at the later stage.
Initial Sketching
Design team starts to sketch the different versions of the draft forms.
Concept Finalization
At this stage, some of the initial concept ideas are filtered if it does not seem as appropriate. After the concept ideas are established, the team creates another thorough assessment of the ideas.
Presentation to Client
Sketches are transformed digitally to simulate a more realistic visualization. Concept ideas are made into presentation slides for clients to vet and validate.
Rework based on Comments
We work at the best interest of our clients. After getting feedback from clients, we make the necessary adjustments to the designs or alternatively pitch more different ideas.

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